• Great for your hair and the environment no plastic bottles to throw away. Our bars are choc full of delicious oils and beautiful butters that will cleanse your hair leaving it soft and full of body. These beautifully shampoo bars are made the cold process way using top quality ingredients so there are NO hidden additives or nasty preservatives
  • There are so may benefits to using our bars NO PLASTIC BOTTLES so are friendly on the environment.. Eco-friendly packaging. No added water = no waste, real value for $$$$ Excellent for traveling, no leakage or spills. Quality ingredients that are gentle and nourishing on your hair so do not strip your hair or scalp. Long lasting and shaped perfectly to fit you hand so easy to hold. Our beautiful bars will nourish and condition your hair and gently detangle to leave your hair smooth, silky and shiny. Containing: skin safe oils and butters,( sweet almond oil, coconut oil,shea butter, cocoa butter Incroquat ( BTMS 50) this a fatty alcohol that smooths & detangles hair, Cetyl alcohol (a plant-based emulsifying wax) panthenol (provitamin of B5) to moisturize. germal , fragrance (phthalate-free) and cosmetic grade colour These bars are handmade and weigh around 40 grams each keep in a dry place and they will last many many washes
  • Our beautiful natural shampoo bars are made with all natural ingredients they have NO perfumes and NO fragrance. Our bars are beautifully packaged and Eco friendly we DON'T use plastic or cellophane to wrap our bars.
  • Vanilla Bean & Coconut Cream Dream
    This beautiful handmade soap is 100%natural and is a delicious treat on the skin.
    Made with the finest ingredients and contains olive oil,pure & natural coconut oil, rice bran oil,vitamin e, raw organic cacao butter,coconut cream, organic dark chocolate, and lye
    Fragrance free this bar is deliciously moisturizing it has a thick and creamy lather to leave your skin feeling soft, nourished and wonderfully clean.
    Each bar is hand cut so may vary slightly in size weighing around 75 grams per bar this is will last a while just keep dry between use
    NZ$ 4.50