Why Handmade?

Did you know that conventional store brought bars contain all sorts of nasty harmful ingredients that can irritate and dry out your skin and are just bad for your health.

 Infact store brought soaps are not really soaps at all but detergents, detergents may be ok for cleaning your home but are definately no good for cleaning your skin.

 Next time you are out shopping just look at the label on a bar of store brought soap there you will find a list of ingredients you can't even pronounce some of these ingredients will amaze you

sodium cocoyl-synthetic detergent

water sodium isethionate- detergent and emuslyifying agent

sodium dodecylbenzonesulfonate- synthetic detergent and a skin irritant

sodium tallowate- sodium salt cow fat ...YUCK!

The list goes on and on and this is in a commercially made store brought soap..

But there is GOOD NEWS ....Our bars are different...we only use the finest natural ingredients in all our soaps they are made with oils and butters you will have heard of before 

Our beautiful artisan soaps are all made by the cold process method and in small batches to retain freshness.