Solid Hair Conditioner Bars

There are so may benefits to using our bars 
NO PLASTIC BOTTLES so are friendly on the environment.. 
We hand pack each and every bar in eco friendly wrapping so no plastic or cellophane wrappers 
No waste, real value for $$$$ 
Excellent for traveling, no leakage or spills. 
Quality ingredients that are gentle and nourishing on your hair so do not strip your hair or scalp. 
Long lasting and shaped perfectly to fit you hand so easy to hold. 
Our beautiful bars will nourish and condition your hair and gently detangle to leave your hair smooth, silky and shiny.

  • Sweet Pea & Vanilla
    Smelling heavenly...
    Sweet pea & creamy coconut mixed together with raspberry jam, juicy peach, red cherry, iris and warm vanilla sugar...
    weighing around 60 grams
    NZ$ 8.50
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom
    These bars are a best selling fragrance ..
    Japanese cherry blossoms warm vanilla sugar, tonka bean, oriental woods, sweet magnolia and mimosa, just divine.
    These bars weigh around 60 grams each keep in a dry place and they will last many washes
    NZ$ 8.50
  • Exotic Frangipani
    These bars are a beautiful blend of exotic and sweet yet creamy ,delightfully feminine and just beautiful.
    Weighing around 60 grams these bars will last a while just keep dry between use
    NZ$ 8.50
  • Fluffy Pink Bubblegum
    Smelling so yummy just like fluffy pink bubblegum the perfect way to condition your hair...
    Weighing around 60-65 grams this bar will last many washes
    NZ$ 8.50
  • Raspberry Lemonade
    This new fragrance is juicy, fizzy & delicious.
    Sweet plump raspberries mixed with fizzy lemonade & a hint of vanilla
    NZ$ 8.50
  • Luscious Lemon Conditioner bars
    This is one of our latest fragrances and it smells so yummy.
    Tart juicy lemon that will make your mouth water it's zesty yummy and smells AMAZING!!!
    weighing around 60 grams
    NZ$ 8.50
  • Pink Sugar
    This is one of our latest fragrances if you like Aquolina's Pink Sugar then this is the bar for you...
    This fragrance is utterly divine one smell and i know you will just fall in love...
    Sweet and delicious and smelling just like candy floss mixed with creamy caramel, raspberry jam and a hint of musk..
    Weighing around 60 grams these bars will last a long time just keep dry between use.
    NZ$ 8.50